Matt Reid | Senior Software Developer

Matthew Reid is a software and web developer, specialising in Java and the JVM, js and web frameworks. He has a passion for clean code, entrepreneurship, company culture and making the world a better place.

Watching the TED presentation Why work doesn’t happen at work by Jason Fried, I was struck by the similarities with the office I work in (and many other offices across the world). He makes some good points about people”s productivity in “the office” but I don”t think this is a...

The google maps v2 library for android provides some much needed features for your app such as MapFragments. There is also a new support library to provide these features to older versions of android.

Animation can be a bit of a hassle with jQuery, especially when you want to chain an animation and another action (such as removing the element from the DOM). The animation can often get missed out in the sequence of events.