Matt Reid | Senior Software Developer

Matthew Reid is a software developer and web developer, specialising in Java, Node and Scala as well as HTML JavaScript and CSS.

I recently read a couple of blog posts on using socially engineering to get the emails to top players in big organisations. This enables you to send a cold email to the people with the power inside an organisation and hopefully get a sale for you product.

OpenShift is a great PaaS for developing your webapp. When it gets to production however, you don”t want any downtime when you are deploying.

In this post I will explain (based on very little background research) why Firefox os is using the wrong app submission process. I will conclude that Firefox os ultimate demise will be caused by a lack of apps. you have been warned.I should start by saying I really like the...

We recently had a very frustrating problem where an HTML5 canvas wasn’t loading in FireFox. The canvas was showing the error “Canvas Dimension Not set”.

Responsive images are all the rage these days with the advent of HTML5/CSS3 webapps. In order to improve the speed of our webapps on mobiles, we don”t want to be sending huge 500kb images to a tiny mobile browser and have them scaled down by our responsive @media queries.