Matt Reid | Senior Software Developer

Matthew Reid is a software developer and web developer, specialising in Java, Node and Scala as well as HTML JavaScript and CSS.

If you want to write a file specific to your application (I am using this for object persistence) then here is a simple tutorial for reading and writing files without getting the dreaded

I spent a while looking for a solid example of futuretask use in java for my latest android app (more posts on that soon I hope) but I found a great one here

Anyone using the nbandroid plugin for netbeans to develop android apps may have come accross the same problem I did.

While overhauling a customer information system I found myself needing to display a map of a customers postcode without forcing the user to leave the page.

I was recently using 2 date pickers to allow the user to select a date range and was in need of a dynamic date-restriction function. Here it is: