Matt Reid | Senior Software Developer

Matthew Reid is a software and web developer, specialising in Java and the JVM, js and web frameworks. He has a passion for clean code, entrepreneurship, company culture and making the world a better place.

I was recently questioned by Hannah Suppiah about writing code to calculate fibonacci numbers and it brought my uni days flooding back. As an illustrative tool and a quick bit of nostalgia, I wrote this simple JQuery example of the fibonacci tree.

I came across this blog post about a site called which pays you money to run a small program that uses your free GPU cycles to do calculations (using OpenCL).

Although Git support is in heavy development, for those who cannot wait, check out the nbgit plugin which provides a few Git features to keep you happy until official support arrives.

Since I last posted on this I have read up a bit more about the “hacks” that I have been getting. I have also seen some requests from bots looking to use my server as a free proxy to other sites.

I recently needed to increment and decrement a number inside a textbox using jQuery and couldn’t find a decent solution online. I decided to create my own generic plugin so I can re-use it where ever I see fit.