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Matthew Reid is a software developer and web developer, specialising in Java and JVM, Js and web frameworks. He has a passion for entrepreneurship, company culture and making the world a better place.

Today I had to select a distinct column on a DB2 table but I also wanted the query ordered. When I tried select distinct title from product order by price, qty the sql compiler complained that it didn’t recognise the order by statement.

I have finally got round to getting an issue tracker for FixtureFeed and am using the wonderful cubeon to track issues in netbeans.

For my latest CodeFish project, I needed to be able to upload files to dropbox from my SheevaPlug.

I was recently questioned by Hannah Suppiah about writing code to calculate fibonacci numbers and it brought my uni days flooding back. As an illustrative tool and a quick bit of nostalgia, I wrote this simple JQuery example of the fibonacci tree.

I came across this blog post about a site called which pays you money to run a small program that uses your free GPU cycles to do calculations (using OpenCL).