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Matthew Reid is a software developer and web developer, specialising in Java and JVM, Js and web frameworks. He has a passion for entrepreneurship, company culture and making the world a better place.

Amazon’s cloud drive and cloud player is an easy front end to their S3 storage solution that allows the storage and playback of music. Combined with the android app this makes a neat solution to the problem of playing your music on multiple devices. It is also cheaper than other alternatives...

So an ad network has come up with a novel idea to help android developers make money from their apps by forcing the user to upgrade to their paid version.

I have been searching for a while for the best customised HorizontalScrollView  that has a snapping effect (as seen in Pulsefor example). I have finall come across one that I am happy with by  Yoni Samlan. 

Just a quick post today. I was having problems refreshing a JTree and keeping the expanded paths in-tact. Instead of calling reload() on themodel i needed to be calling nodeChanged even if a node is being removed. Here is the snippet:

If you have a listview and the elements get a black background when scrolling, cachecolorhint  is your saviour. Just add the following to the listview xml file