Matt Reid | Senior Software Developer

Matthew Reid is a software developer and web developer, specialising in Java and JVM, NodeJs and web frameworks. He has a passion for entrepreneurship, company culture and making the world a better place.

I was recently importing data from various sources, some of which had some non-standard (unicode) characters. In particular I wanted a way to remove the accents from french letters from á to a  

Just a quick tip for finding a folder in linux. Replace mongo with the name of the folder you are searching for:  

Recently I have been getting the error “application not installed” when trying to install apps to my sd card. This is just a quick post to share my solution to the problem.

I couldn’t find a simple, complete example of a spring social application online so I decided to post my own. The resulting app is available on google code and is an example of authenticating a user with Facebook, although a similar approach is applied to Twitter/Linkedin etc.

Amazon’s cloud drive and cloud player is an easy front end to their S3 storage solution that allows the storage and playback of music. Combined with the android app this makes a neat solution to the problem of playing your music on multiple devices. It is also cheaper than other alternatives...